Our story so far...

"It takes a village to raise a child" is a well-known saying that we whole-heartedly believe is true.

Finding the right childcare is one of the most emotional decisions a parent has to make and we have both experienced that first hand.

Hello and welcome to Takes a Village.

We’re Charlotte and Megan – two busy Kiwi mums who’ve experienced first-hand the struggle to find the very best childcare for our girls. 

Hours of searching online left us feeling overwhelmed with choices and decisions. Then came the lightbulb moment and we thought: there must be a better way to do this! 

A few coffees later, Takes a Village was born. 

Whilst on maternity leave, we adapted our idea and came up with a concept that would make the all-important search for childcare quicker and easier for parents and caregivers across New Zealand. 

Suddenly, Takes a Village had become our new baby! 

We spent months gathering the key information parents might search for when looking for suitable childcare. Next, we teamed up with super awesome Stephen, our tech whizz, and he made our vision a reality. 

Like any baby, Takes a Village is a true labour of love and it’s been a rollercoaster ride to get here. 

Ultimately, we want to make the search for the best childcare easier for all Kiwi parents, so you can spend more time creating special memories with your little people. 

Making cherished connections is what we do and we would love you to join our village – so we can help you grow yours. 


"The Activewear Mum"

Always wearing activewear; very rarely active.

Charlotte has a love of good coffee, good food and good times.

At Takes a Village you’ll find her coming up with big ideas as well as crunching the numbers.


"The Organiser Mum"

Loves to organise; lives in chaos.

Megan drinks black coffee but has every herbal tea available for her guests.

The forever host who loves quiet time with her hubby and 2 daughters.

At Takes a Village; you’ll find her diving into the creative and planning elements as well as taking on the role of relationship management queen.


“The Cool Uncle”

All the care; no parenting responsibility.

Stephen is sport mad. You’ll often find him dusting off the cricket whites in the summer and shouting “HOW-ZAT.”

At Takes a Village you’ll find him with all the technical responsibility though...making Megan's and Charlotte's ideas come to life.